Mandela Day: Ik ben omdat Wij zijn                          18 juli 2018 > 2019
Leren van en geïnspireerd worden door één van werelds grootste leiders

Nelson Mandela Day: I am because We are!

Learn and inspire from one of the greatest leaders

     "On July 18, 2018, Nelson Mandela would have turned 100. July 18 is the first Mandela Day in the Netherlands with 4 seminars.
      With these 67-minute seminars you invest directly in your personal development and then pass it on to your colleague / team / 
                                                                                             organization / relationship ".

The Nelson Mandela takes place on July 18 to summon people around the world to make effort for world peace by giving help to others for 67 minutes of their time. The idea is originally form the organization "46664", which on July 18, 2002, asked people to make a donation. No money, but something of their time. The day Mandela turned 92, he could loock back on a life in which he spent 67 years on human rights and equality for everyone. Both as a lawyer and in the time that he was held as a political prisoner for 27 years. On the recommendation of the South African ambassador Baso Sangqu, this day was officially proclaimed by the United Nations in 2010.

A day full of inspiration, full of values where you learn from one of the greatest leaders of the world. 

Frank Rekers immersed himself in his leadership style, the Ubuntu philosophy and the way in which it is communicated. during a number of impressive sessions you will get handles to be of more value yourself. At the end there is a handshake, blueprint of a work of art in which you are part of. 

In the end of the day we will make an unique artwork for a good purpose.


Do you want to participate as an exhibitor or bring your services to the attention?
Contact the organization.

The location:
This is in a unique atmospheric place, centrally in the Netherlands.

Be there.
Option 1: only attend the day € 100
Option 2: with the South African Braaij
                 total € 135
Option 3: only the South African Braaij
                 attending is € 47
Option to stay overnight is possible.


The Program:

10.00 - 10.30   Kick-off Mandela Day.
                          About the how, what and 
                          why  of Mandela Day
10.30 - 11.37   Session 1 from 67 minutes: 
                          The Ubuntu-filosophy: I am
                          because we are
                          by Frank Rekers
11.37 - 12.30   Partners and networking
12.30 - 13.30   Lunch
13.30 - 14.37   Session 2 from 67 minutes:  
                          Empowerment woman
                          by Elsa Lubbe from South-
                          Session 2 from 67 minutes:
                          Only for man, surprise.
14.37 - 15.00   Break
15.00 - 16.07   Session 3 from 67 minutes:   
                          Dialoque with the Talking 
                          by Leonie Kappert
16.00 - 16.30   Break
16.30 - 17.37   Session 4 from 67 minutes:   
                          The power of reconciliation 
                          and forrgiveness 
                          by Prof. Dr. Paul de Blot
18.00                African Braaij with lovely 

Join in as a team or group?
Or make contact cards available.
Inquire about the group options.

From 10 people. ask for special conditions!



 Sign up quickly. Because before is full.

  • A day full of inspiration and meaning
  • 4 unique sessions of 67 minutes
  • learn from the world's greatest inspirator Nelson Mandela
  • with unique Ubuntu philosophy that lets you look at situations directly
  • Especially for women: Empowerment Woman in Leadership session by Elsa Lubbe from South Africa
  • You learn to communicate through dialogue with the Talking Stick
  • The essence of Mandela's Leadership

Nelson Mandela would have turned 100 on July 18, 2018. That is why the pre-registration is € 100 excl. VAT incl. Day arrangement (coffee / tea / water) and lunch.
Afterwards there is a South African Braaij. You can not miss this one. The contribution for this is € 35 incl. 2 drinks vouchers.

Only attend South African Braaij and experience the South African atmosphere and culture € 47                                   

Register immediately and assure yourself of a place.


                             Enjoy the experience and feel the South-Africa Culture. After this day, be every day great by a little Mandela!